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Since the birth of video games, the number of male players in the player occupies an absolute advantage, whether in online games or host games, female players have always been rare existence, although not as precious as giant pandas, but at least is the national secondary protection level.


But with video games on the mobile side, the number of female players is gradually increasing, and in some games, the number of female players is even more than that of male players, such as in Honor of Kings. And many of the game manufacturers are also to see the broad market for female players, launched specifically for female players to develop the game. I believe that in the future, there will be more girls into the game, for the majority of male players who want to find a girl in the game, this has to be said to be a gospel.


As far as mainland china is concerned, video games began in the 1990s, when the consoles of nintendo-represented game makers began flowing into china and, of course, the price of the console was expensive. It can be said that at that time can play games are better family conditions. Game hall is also almost started to rise at this time, in Hong Kong's gangster movies, we often sad to see the game hall, no game hall gang is faceless.


At this time the game is dominated by single-machine games, girls players words, most of the boyfriend to take to play games, this time the game hall, more like lovers dating place. The number of players at this time is very small, so there is no point in discussing the number of female players.


In the 21st century, Internet cafes began to spring up like bamboo shoots in the streets and alleys of towns. Even if Internet cafes are everywhere, many times into the Internet cafes, but also need to line up, especially after school students. Internet cafes in the people, from junior high school students to college students to social youth, what kind of people have, good bad, male and female. Of course, there's no doubt that girls are poor.


At that time, in the eyes of the grown-ups, the teachers, the Internet bar is a dark abyss hell. It consumes young people's time, energy and money. In all kinds of news, the news that some young man is guilty of playing games is common.


In the teachers, under the parental discipline, girls in the street to see the Internet bar, are to avoid. And those girls who often enter Internet cafes, will be called problem girls, they will be viewed differently by others, under a lot of pressure. In this case, in this social form, there can be female players from the strange.


Personally, I think that after girls started a wide-ranging basic game of cutting fruit from an apple phone, I remember when my sisters went on the screen every day, and when other manufacturers saw it, they began to step up their game at the end of the game. Until today, the mobile phone end of the game more and more, market share also began to rank in the forefront.


If we discuss how female players will explode at the end of the phone, I think there are two things: one is the convenience of the mobile phone; the other is that people's views on the game and the people who play the game have greatly improved, arousing the hearts of female players who also want to play the game.


Boys in the game, are pursuing what? Higher technology, better equipment, more kills, faster speed. In other words, boys like to conquer, compete, destroy, show off and so on in the game.


It can be said that every boy, all want to be like Napoleon, like Genghis Khan, like Cao Cao to conquer the world. Drink the strongest, ride the fastest horse, sleep the most beautiful woman, put the world under foot. But it is clear that the real world cannot meet the needs of boys.


And in the game this virtual time, all this can be realized dream. You can take five in Honor of Kings, you can shoot the opposite head with a gun in the fps game, and you can dump someone else's unfinished in the racing game. The game can satisfy the boy's strong sense of conquest, can very intuitively compete with others. Look at the game list, you can see if I am better than you or weaker than you. Even if I'm weaker than you now, and I've been shot or destroyed by you again and again, I can still do it again. After a few minutes, I'm still a hero, and I don't have to wait another eighteen years.


Women are eager to get experiences that produce emotional and social discoveries and hope that these things can be used in their lives. --- Heidi Tanglemeyer


All the players who have played Honor of Kings know that the female characters in this game are the single and auxiliary. Angela, Diao Chan, Daji, Da Qiao and other characters are deeply loved by female players, many female players think which hero is good-looking and fun to play this hero, which is very different from the male player which hero is strong to play which. Of course, Honor of Kings also has a hero who is loved by both male and female players. It is the legendary little Luban who has been killed more than 6 billion. At the same time, the pursuit of female players for good-looking skin is often higher than the male, many girls as long as they see the beautiful skin, will buy.


If you look at young girls and boys playing games, you'll find that girls often play games that have a strong connection to the real world. For girls, the best-selling computer game in history is Barbie's costume designer, in which girls can design, print and sew custom clothes for the Barbie dolls they own in the real world. In contrast,\" Princess Barbie \"is a dream adventure game. Although the game uses the same character (Barbie), it is not popular because it has no real-world content.


Also female players are very fond of RPG games. They take their roles as their own children. Inject your feelings, your money, and enjoy it.


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