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A UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter from Taiwan's military crashed in the mountains at the junction of Xinbei and Yilan counties on the morning of January 2, killing eight people, including Shen Yiming, the army's \"chief of staff,\" Xinhua reported.


According to Taiwan's China Times, the black box of the UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter was found on the morning of the 3rd, and is now handed over to the relevant units for analysis to find the cause of the crash.


According to Taiwan's \"Central Society \", all Black Hawk helicopters have been completely grounded. The plane's maker, Sikorski, said it would assist investigators.


Integrated Taiwan media reported that the Black Hawk helicopter is a double turbo-axle engine, single-rotor multi-purpose helicopter produced by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation in the United States, UH-60M is a relatively new version, the main function is search and rescue and personnel transport, including medical evacuation and emergency rescue.


In 2008, Taiwan purchased 60 UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters from the United States for nearly 85 billion NT dollars, including 15 Air Force units,15 Air Force units and 30 Army Air Command units.


The plane crash was the second time a Black Hawk helicopter had crashed in Taiwan in two years. In February 2018, six people were killed when a Black Hawk helicopter from the Air Force crashed into the sea three minutes after taking off from the outlying island of Lanyu. In March of the same year, another black eagle took off from Taichung after the warning lights, warning landed in Kaohsiung a range, no casualties, repair and return. In addition, according to Taiwan media statistics, in the world, the model helicopter has been in the past five years 10 crashes.


Taiwan's \"China Times\" reported that at 10:40 on the 3rd, the main wreckage of the crashed UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter body found that the shape of the black box is still quite intact. Taiwan military officials said the black box has been handed over to the relevant military units for analysis and research, after the completion of the record report will be released to the public.


The black box, which includes the cockpit call recorder, the cockpit flight data recorder and one of the most important engine data monitors, is available for analysis of three loggers, according to the news agency.


According to Taiwan's Associated Press, experts pointed out that on the same day, Shen Yiming's party's destination was the East Australia Ridge Radar Station between Su-Australia and East Australia.


Experts speculated that after the search and rescue helicopter difficult to see the ground, also cannot hang the wounded out of the scene of the accident there are clouds. Why helicopters still choose to fly straight over the mountains, rather than go around the sea, with clouds and mist in the mountains, may be the key.


Experts further analyzed that if there had been a cloud in the local mountains, they would have chosen to go around the sea when planning their course. Judging from this, it is possible that the cloud at the scene appears in a very short time. If the clouds are found to be higher than expected, the flight officer can immediately return the request to turn to the sea to fly, and the warden cannot refuse. However, the helicopter did not turn, and before the crash still returned \"visibility 4 to 7 nautical miles \", why such a drop will be the focus of future research.