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Monday tesra concept stocks erupted, oatja, yida, asia-pacific technology and other more than 20 shares trading limit. The recent tesla positives, the latest information shows, tesla achieved a record nearly 10000 vehicle production and record delivery of about 10000 vehicles in the fourth quarter of last year. in 2019, tesla delivered about ten thousand vehicles, a 50% increase over 2018, and achieved the full year target. Recently, Tesla announced that the delivery of the first batch of Chinese-made Model 3 social owners would take place in the afternoon of January 7 at the Tesla's Shanghai superfactory, notably, and that the final price would be reduced to 10,000 yuan. Tesla's shares rose against the trend on Friday, topping the $80 billion mark in intraday market value. In a series of good stimulus, Tesla concept strong burst, the next is expected to relay network red economic concept to become a new market leader.


There's a lot of tras related concepts, so it's not easy to pick the lead stock from it, but it's okay to narrow it down. For the big leader, we can start from three aspects: the purity of the subject matter, the circulation market value, the position and price of the stock price. Namely the subject matter is pure, the circulation disk is moderate, the stock price position is relatively low most likely becomes the big leader. In addition, the time limit, lifting the ban and other factors should be taken into account.


The stock flow of 100 million, closing price yuan, the opening of 5 minutes to seal the board, strong performance. The stock had been stagflation, rising only 10 per cent since its low of $6 before today's trading limit, and is also in oversold condition. In addition, the Unit occupies the drone concept.


In addition, Wynn shares, Chang Aluminum shares, Aerospace Rainbow 3 shares also have leading potential, but because of the word board, so not listed. The above stocks are a diversion for example, investors need to buy carefully to take the risk. On the operational strategy, you can select stocks with a high opening of less than 7%(preferably less than 6%) as the target on tuesday, with a small number of positions in the collective bidding tentative intervention, and then, as the case may be, add positions or fill positions. If the day limit, depending on the next day to add warehouse; if the unfortunate quilt cover, in the quilt cover more than 10% and the emergence of a stable signal to consider filling.


As the current market is facing greater uncertainty, whether the theme continues to strengthen remains to be seen. Therefore, if investors want to intervene to suggest a light position into the market, then the back of the advance can be defended. And in case of accidents don't have to worry too much, after all, the possibility of direct and continuous killing is very low, short-term even if not up there will be repeated. If the quilt, because there are a lot of funds to fill the back of the warehouse, the release is not difficult.


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