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150 Best Cross Tattoos for Men [2019]

Black Cross Tattoo

Tattoos have been a staple of style and tradition for a really very long time. Research present that the artwork of tattooing has been round for nearly 12,000 years, whereas at this level tattoos are nonetheless seen as a taboo to some, nearly all of individuals have now come to embrace the tradition of tattooing. With that, increasingly individuals have been getting tattoos, and one design that has remained iconic all through the years has been cross tattoos. A basic, versatile design, the cross tattoo is likely one of the hottest tattoo designs of current occasions.

Distinctive Cross Tattoos Designs

The truth that the cross tattoo is open to so many variations is likely one of the causes that the design stays some of the fashionable tattoo designs ever. Under are a collection of cross tattoo designs, together with totally different variations on the cross and their which means, together with the variations of the putting of the cross tattoo.

Celtic Cross Tattoos

The Celtic Cross is an intricate design that’s often created with inexperienced, black, and gold knotwork. The cross is a logo of Celtic heritage. The knots within the cross stands for the connection of the bodily world to the religious world whereas the loops within the are a logo of the cyclical nature of life.

1. Black Celtic Cross Tattoo

2. 3D Celtic Cross Tattoo

Celtic Cross Tattoos

three. Pointed Celtic Cross Tattoo

Cross Shoulder Tattoo

four. Sword Celtic Cross Tattoo

Cross Sword Tattoo

5. Cracked Celtic Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoo Designs

6. Inexperienced Circle Celtic Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoo Designs On Arm

7. Veins Celtic Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoo On Arm

eight. Timber Celtic Cross Tattoo

Detailed Cross Tattoo

9. Irish Celtic Cross Tattoo

Irish Cross Tattoo

10. Rose Celtic Cross Tattoo

Rose And Cross Tattoo

Small Cross Tattoos

One of many easiest variations of the cross designs, this variations can function a really delicate reminder of 1’s religion. These tattoos are often positioned on the ankle, shoulder blade, wrist, or behind the ear. Due to its delicate design, the tattoo is often positioned in locations the place the tattoo could also be seen however gained’t look overpowering. An ideal, but delicate strategy to exhibit one’s religion.

1. Small Anchor Cross Tattoo

Anchor Cross Tattoo

2. Small Cross and Wings Tattoo

Cross And Wings Tattoo

three. Small Summary Cross Tattoo

Cross Arm Tattoo

four. Small Cross and Symbols Tattoo

Cross Chest Tattoo

5. Small Cross Finger Tattoo

Cross Finger Tattoo

6. Small Cross on Hand Tattoo

Cross Hand Tattoo

7. Small Cross Beneath Eye Tattoo

Cross Under Eye Tattoo

eight. Small Punk Cross Tattoo

Finger Cross Tattoo Design

9. Small Cross on Nape Tattoo

Jesus On The Cross Tattoo

10. Small Cross on Ears Tattoo

Small Cross Tattoos

Distinctive Cross Tattoos

Because the cross design could be very fashionable, there are various methods to really make the design your personal. As an alternative of conforming to the pre-made cross designs, you could need to put a singular twist on it. This makes positive that your tattoo is exclusive to you and will certainly stand out.

1. Angel Cross Tattoo

Angel Cross Tattoo

2. Ankh Cross Tattoo

Ankh Coss Tattoo

three. Baseball Cross Tattoo

Baseball Cross Tattoo

four. 3D Blue Cross Tattoo

Blue Cross Tattoo

5. Ripped Pores and skin Cross Tattoo

Cross Infinity Tattoo

6. Holy Scripture Cross Tattoo

Holy Cross Tattoo

7. Bloody Stake Cross Tattoo

Red Cross Tattoo

eight. Cracked Rugged Cross Tattoo

Rugged Cross Tattoo

9. Triple Cross in Psalms Tattoo

Triple Cross Tattoo

10. Distinctive Jesus and Cross Tattoo

Upper Arm Cross Tattoo

Tribal Cross Tattoos

This can be a twist on the ever common cross design, because it incorporates intricate black patterns which might be widespread in a tribal tattoo fashion. This variation on the cross design is ideal for many who need the tattoo to face for power, braveness, and dedication as tribal types are recognized for his or her robust designs.

1. Cross Cowl Up Tribal Tattoo

Cross Cover Up Tattoo

2. Tribal Cross on Chest Tattoo

Cross On Chest Tattoo

three. Angel Tribal Cross Tattoo

Cross With Angel Wings Tattoo

four. Jesus Face on Cross Tribal Tattoo

Jesus On Cross Tattoo Forearm

5. Tribal Stone Cross Tattoo

Stone Cross Tattoo

6. Ripped Pores and skin Purple Cross Tattoo

Templar Cross Tattoo

7. Distinctive Tribal Cross Tattoo

Traditional Cross Tattoo

eight. Easy Tribal Cross Tattoo

Tribal Cross Tattoo

9. Tribal Thorns Cross Tattoo

Vine Cross Tattoo

10. Picket Tribal Cross Tattoo

Wooden Cross Tattoo

Easy Cross Tattoos

In all probability the most typical cross tattoo design, this design is ideal for many who need their tattoo to be easy, but lovely. The straightforward cross designs is a superb design for many who need to present of their religion, however the tattoo additionally stands for loyalty, braveness, and honor.

1. Easy Painted Cross Tattoo

Back Cross Tattoo

2. Easy 3D Cross Tattoo

Catholic Cross Tattoo

three. Small Coptic Cross Tattoo

Coptic Cross Tattoo

four. Easy Cross Anchor Tattoo

Cross Anchor Tattoo

5. Outlined Cross Tattoo

Cross Forearm Tattoo

6. Easy Tribal Cross Tattoo

Cross Henna Tattoo

7. Easy Cross on Neck Tattoo

Cross Neck Tattoo

eight. Small Geometric Cross Tattoo

Geometric Cross Tattoo

9. Plain Cross Tattoo

Plain Cross Tattoo

10. Three Easy Cross Tattoo

Three Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoo Designs on Arm

The cross tattoo on the arm is among the most basic tattoo designs of all time. The massive cross tattoo on the arm is gorgeous and crowd pleasing, good for many who need to proudly present their tattoo and its which means. That is one design that may’t exit of favor.

1. Cross Praying Arms Tattoo

Cross Praying Hands Tattoo

2. Cross Rosary Tattoo

Cross Rosary Tattoo

three. Memorial Cross Tattoo

Cross Rose Tattoo

four. Cross with Coronary heart in Thorns Tattoo

Cross With Heart Tattoo

5. Historic Cross Tattoo

Crusader Cross Tattoo Design

6. Egyptian Cranium Cross Tattoo

Egyptian Cross Tattoo

7. Inexperienced Celtic Cross Tattoo

Ethiopian Cross Tattoo

eight. Purple Coronary heart on Cross Tattoo

Heart And Cross Tattoo

9. Picket Cross with Thorn Tattoo

Jerusalem Cross Tattoo

10. Leviathan Key Cross Tattoo

Leviathan Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoos on Forearm

The tattoo on the forearm has turn into a extra in style placement space for tattoos for good purpose. They’ve turn into increasingly more accepted within the office, and in the event that they aren’t merely sporting lengthy sleeves fixes the issue. Having a cross tattoo on the forearm is an ideal solution to present religion and perception with out imposing it on anybody.

1. Colourful Cross Tattoo

Cross Band Tattoo

2. Cross Necklace Tattoo

Cross Necklace Tattoo

three. Christian Cross Tattoo

Cross Ribbon Tattoo

four. Crucifix Cross Tattoo

Forearm Cross Tattoo

5. Gothic Cross Tattoo

Gothic Cross Tattoo

6. Infinity Celtic Cross Tattoo

Infinity Cross Tattoo

7. Clover Cross Tattoo

Iron Cross Tattoo

eight. Orthodox Cross Tattoo

Orthodox Cross Tattoo

9. Twisted Knot Cross Tattoo

Southern Cross Tattoo

10. Jesus on Cross 3D Tattoo

Vintage Cross Tattoo

Greatest Cross Tattoos

Cross tattoos are already the most effective tattoo designs to get, they stand for lots and may have a really private which means for everybody. As a result of they’re so well-liked, through the years many variations of the cross tattoo have come alongside. Some have been good, some have been dangerous, however there have been definitely various that stood out as one of the best.

1. Dragon Cross Tattoo

Dragon Cross Tattoo

2. Household Cross Tattoo

Family Cross Tattoo

three. German Cross Tattoo

German Cross Tattoo

four. Greek Cross Tattoo

Greek Cross Tattoo

5. Lion Cross Tattoo

Lion Cross Tattoo

6. Nail Cross Tattoo

Nail Cross Tattoo

7. Troopers Cross Tattoo

Soldiers Cross Tattoo

eight. Upside Down Tattoo

Upside Down Cross Tattoo

9. Viking Cross Tattoo

Viking Cross Tattoo

10. Yin Yang Cross Tattoo

Yin Yang Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoos on Chest

The chest is a really intimate and private place to get a tattoo, as it’s virtually all the time hidden, and could be very near the guts. It might be arduous to discover a higher place to get a tattoo that stands for religion, loyalty, liberation, and power.

1. Chest Cross Tattoo

Chest Cross Tattoo

2. Christian Cross Tattoo

Christian Cross Tattoo

three. Cross Tattoo On Chest

Cross Tattoo On Chest

four. Cross Tattoo Designs

Cross Tattoo Designs

5. Cross Tattoos On Chest

Cross Tattoos On Chest

6. Cross Tattoo For Males

Cross Tattoo For Men

7. Cross Which means Tattoo

Cross Meaning Tattoo

eight. Religion Cross Tattoo

Faith Cross Tattoo

9. Cross On Hand Tattoo

Cross On Hand Tattoo

10. Bible Verse Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoos on Wrist

This placement is greatest to pair with the small cross design as a tattoo on the wrist is a really delicate, barely female place for a tattoo. Having a cross tattoo on the wrist is a good way to have your religion seen, however not imposing.

1. Cross And Semicolon Tattoo

Cross And Semicolon Tattoo

2. Tiny Cross Tattoo

Tiny Cross Tattoo

three. Wrist Cross Tattoo

Wrist Cross Tattoo

four. Easy Cross Tattoo

Simple Cross Tattoo

5. Skinny Cross Tattoo

Thin Cross Tattoo

6. Distinctive Cross Tattoo

Unique Cross Tattoo

7. Power Cross Tattoo

Strength Cross Tattoo

eight. Cool Cross Tattoos

Cool Cross Tattoos

9. Greatest Cross Tattoo

Best Cross Tattoo

10. Brush Stroke Cross Tattoo

Brush Stroke Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoos on Again

The again gives one of many largest canvasses for tattoos and sometimes function the place the place the most important, strongest designs seem. Having a cross tattoo on the again is a superb image of power and braveness.

1. Cross Cranium Tattoo

Cross Skull Tattoo

2. Cross With Wings Tattoo

Cross With Wings Tattoo

three. Cross Tattoo On Again

Cross Tattoo On Back

four. Cross Rib Tattoo

Cross Rib Tattoo

5. Cross Again Tattoo

Cross Back Tattoo

6. Barbed Wire Cross Tattoo

Barbed Wire Cross Tattoo

7. Wooden Cross Tattoo

Wood Cross Tattoo

eight. Colourful Cross Tattoos

Colorful Cross Tattoos

9. Lengthy Cross Tattoo

Long Cross Tattoo

10. Rosary Cross Tattoo

Rosary Cross Tattoo

Cross Rib Tattoos

Getting a rib tattoo is one other intimate place to get a tattoo, and a cross tattoo on the rib is one thing that’s simply completely lovely.

1. Cross Memorial Tattoo

Cross Memorial Tattoo

2. Fairly Cross Tattoo

Pretty Cross Tattoo

three. Cross Crown Tattoo

Cross Crown Tattoo

four. Cross Household Tattoo

Cross Family Tattoo

5. Cross on Necklace Tattoo

Cross Bracelet Tattoo

6. Cross on Anchor Tattoo

Cross Heart Anchor Tattoo

7. Cross with Thorns Tattoo

Cross Stitch Tattoo

eight. Cross on Palms Tattoo

Finger Cross Tattoo

9. Jesus on Cross Tattoo

Jesus Carrying Cross Tattoo

10. Celtic Cross on Tattoo

Knights Templar Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoos on Hand

Getting a tattoo on the hand is a really daring assertion, but in addition a really delicate one. A cross tattoo on the hand can point out a dedication to religion, or it might additionally
stand for bravery and braveness.

1. Cross in Pair Tattoo

Cross And Rose Tattoo

2. Cross and Coronary heart Tattoo

Cross Heart Tattoo

three. Cross on Crown Tattoo

Cross On Wrist Tattoo

four. Cross on Eye Tattoo

Cross Tattoo On Hand

5. Static Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoo On Wrist

6. Small Jesus on Cross Tattoo

Cross Wrist Tattoo

7. Shiny Cross Tattoo

Hand Cross Tattoo

eight. 3D Cross Tattoo

Henna Cross Tattoo

9. Cross Tattoo on Hand

Italian Cross Tattoo

10. Little Cross Tattoo

Little Cross Tattoo

Neck Cross Tattoos

A really daring and private place to get a tattoo, good for tattoos that stand for one’s religion and loyalty.

1. Infinity Anchor Cross Tattoo

Arrow Cross Tattoo

2. Lady Holding Cross Tattoo

Cover Up Cross Tattoo

three. Cross and Rose Tattoo

Cross And Flower Tattoo

four. Cross and Coronary heart Tattoo

Cross And Heart Tattoo

5. Small Anchor Cross Tattoo

Cross Behind Ear Tattoo

6. Black Celtic Cross Tattoo

Cross Compass Tattoo

7. Elegant Cross on Neck Tattoo

Cross On Neck Tattoo

eight. Cracked Cross on Neck Tattoo

Cross Small Tattoo

9. Rugged Memorial Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoo Meaning

10. Small Jesus on Cross Tattoo

Neck Cross Tattoo

Cross Half Sleeve Tattoos

A very fashionable tattoo proper now’s the half sleeve, if completed proper it may be a phenomenal piece of artwork proper in your arm. Placing a cross design getting used as a half
sleeve is a really robust design that may certainly stand out.

1. Angel Holding Cross Tattoo

Angel Holding Cross Tattoo

2. Ripped Half Sleeve Cross Tattoo

Cross Half Sleeve Tattoo

three. Anchor Cross with Rose Tattoo

Cross In Clouds Tattoo

four. Half Sleeve Celtic Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoo For Men

5. Armor Cross Half Sleeve Tattoo

Cross With Flowers Tattoo

6. Half Sleeve Cross with Rose Tattoo

Cross With Rose Tattoo

7. Dove and Cross in Clouds Tattoo

Dove And Cross Tattoo

eight. Angel of God Cross Tattoo

God Cross Tattoo

9. Maltese Cross Tattoo

Maltese Cross Tattoo

10. White Cross Tattoo

White Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoos on Legs

Getting a tattoo on the leg is nice for many who need a private tattoo as it might be straightforward to point out off and in addition straightforward to cowl up for events the place one
wouldn’t need to present it off. A cross tattoo on the leg is a basic design that has a myriad of variations.

1. Colourful Anchor Cross Tattoo

Anchor Heart Cross Tattoo

2. Burning Celtic Cross Tattoo

Ankle Cross Tattoo

three. Lengthy Celtic Cross Tattoo

Calf Cross Tattoo

four. Cross and Rosary Tattoo

Cross And Rosary Tattoo

5. Cross and Thorn Tattoo

Cross And Thorn Tattoo

6. Cross Dragon Tattoo

Cross Dragon Tattoo

7. Damaged Memorial Cross Tattoo

Cross Flag Tattoo

eight. Black Cross with Wings Tattoo

Cross Leg Tattoo

9. Bible Verse on Cross Tattoo

Name Cross Tattoo

10. Previous Celtic Cross Tattoo

Old Rugged Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoos Which means

Cross tattoos are current and have totally different meanings in several cultures. For instance, in some cultures, the cross stands for the middle of the universe, whereas in Christian cultures, the cross represents the crucifixion of Jesus, which is a turning level within the historical past of their faith. The cross as a tattoo can stand for everlasting life, bravery, the heavens, it could actually characterize the hyperlink between the heavens, or it might stand for sacrifice. No matter variation of the cross although, the design all the time has a private hyperlink to that of the proprietor, which is what makes cross tattoos so iconic.

Getting a cross tattoo is a superb concept, whether or not it’s your first tattoo or fifth. It gained’t matter whenever you get it, as cross tattoos are a timeless, basic tattoo design that undoubtedly has a number of endurance. This tattoo design is right here to remain at this time, tomorrow, and much into the longer term.

Jeffrey Adler

Hey readers! I’m Jeffrey and your tattoo artist of the day;) I’ve been drawing and portray my entire life, and after graduating highschool I made a decision it was time for a much bigger problem and I began drawing on individuals. I’m so lucky I acquired to precise my creativity by way of my physique artwork and much more so to share my ardour with my now spouse Emilie. She began working with me in my tattoo store as a piercer and I began writing about and photographing, my creations on this weblog. I really like to listen to from you and hope you take pleasure in our work collectively!

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