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Australian Election Astrology 2019 | Jessica Adams

Australian Election Astrology 2019 | Jessica Adams

Australian Election Astrology 2019

This Australian election in 2019 is an uncommon tale of two Taurus men. Prime Minister Scott Morrison (Liberal) and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten (Labour). Taurus is the signal that rules economics, taxation, banks, massive enterprise, the sharemarket – and above all, values. This election, referred to as for the day of a Full Moon throughout Taurus-Scorpio (more on that in a moment) might be about Australia’s hip pocket. The former Australian Prime Ministers (two of them) Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott, also occur to be Scorpios. This might be an intense and emotional day for all four men, born in the opposite indicators of Taurus and Scorpio, coping with the outcomes of a particularly divided nation on a Full Moon clash. Watch for the shock of a lady’s influence as nicely. Venus and Uranus combine on 18th Might and that’s a jaw-dropping statement a few feminine lightning strike.

The Invoice Shorten and Scott Morrison Natal Charts

We don’t have verified start occasions for either man, so there isn’t a point in wanting at the natal (start) charts here. In astrology, an correct clock time for the chopping of the umbilical twine is required, to predict politics. The angles of the chart – the Midheaven, Ascendant, Descendant and Immum Coeli – are lacking and not using a time. And the angles present profession transformation and a change or improve in residence, all of which may happen in case you are leaving the job of Prime Minister, staying on, or taking it on.

So, overlook the delivery horoscopes of each leaders. We will just about trust they’re both Taureans. The truth is, Invoice Shorten has an expressly Taurean identify. Invoice. Astrology is filled with synchronicities like this.  I am positive you’ve gotten already thought of Scott Morrison when it comes to the phrase ‘scot free.’ What is characteristic of this signal, is its stubbornness about values. Taureans might be Capitalists, Socialists, Communists, Environmentalists – but they don’t budge. But, the gathering storms on the planet financial system between now (April 11th) and election day (Might 18th) suggests that each leaders should shift. Uranus in Taurus is here. For causes which haven’t but come to move, each males should transform their place. What are we taking a look at right here? A crisis for the banks? A cryptocurrency-led revolution? Time will inform, however it’s going to tell pretty shortly.

The Astrology Charts for Australia

Australia has a couple of ‘delivery’ charts each displaying totally different levels in her evolution as a nation. We check them by on the lookout for main occasions, like The Dismissal.

Labour’s big-spending visionary, Gough Whitlam was sacked because of the best way he handled the Australian financial system. What we have now right here on that fateful day in Canberra in 1975 – timed – is a exceptional line up at 21 Taurus and 21 Scorpio. These are the financial system and finance signs. We found a precise pattern with the Midheaven at 21 Scorpio, North Node 21 Scorpio, Immum Coeli at 21 Taurus and South Node at 21 Taurus.

This painful reminiscence  of misplaced management and constitutional crisis for Labour is healed on Might 18th 2018. Why? We find Jupiter, the good problem-solver of astrology, sitting at 22 Sagittarius. Panacea, one other healer, is at 22 Gemini. Ops, a logo of hope is at 22 Cancer.  The spirit of Gough Whitlam is smiling on this election. Bill Shorten and Gough Whitlam are linked in time.

How the Totally different Australian Astrology Charts Measure Up

We’re in search of a chart that chimes with that historic line-up at 21 levels of Taurus and Scorpio when Whitlam was dismissed. Perhaps a chart that even is sensible to individuals pushing for the Change the Date campaign.

So, what about 1967 and 27th Might? Many individuals feel that is when the 2 ‘halves’ of Australia came collectively following a triumph for democracy (eventually) as indigenous Australians gained their proper to a full, free and truthful vote.

This 27th Might 1967 horoscope for Australia is arguably probably the most highly effective chart we’ve, because it exhibits the fashionable nation, about 200 years after white settlement, lastly coming to terms with the rights of its unique house owners.

Australia Day is usually used for the nationwide horoscope, however as it’s also often known as Invasion Day to indigenous individuals, as an astrologer I’m very happy to work with 27th Might 1967. All of which makes that 18th Might 2019 election very fascinating!

The Australian Astrology Chart for January 26th 1788

There are different contenders for the Australian chart. The actual (legal) white settlement paperwork appeared on February 7th 1788, for instance. There’s also a January 1st chart, and so on.

They are all triggered for the day Australia votes on its future – Labour, Liberal, Inexperienced, Unbiased – and so on.

The January 26th horoscope exhibits Neptune at 21 Libra. Fortuna at 21 Pisces.
The February seventh horoscope exhibits Neptune at 21 Libra. Panacea at 21 Sagittarius.
The January 1st horoscope exhibits Vulcano at 20 Aquarius.

As this country has gone via so many modifications, we also have a horoscope for 9th Might 1901. This matches the pattern. It exhibits the North Node at 22 Scorpio. The South Node at 22 Taurus. Fortuna at 21 Sagittarius. Panacea  at 21 Aries.

The horoscope for 27th Might 1967 set for 11.59pm in Canberra additionally rings true in an uncanny meansif we’re in search of a horoscope that chimes with this 18th Might 2019 election:

Mercury 22 Gemini. Uranus 20 Virgo. Neptune 22 Scorpio. Panacea at 21 Leo. Vesta at 21 Scorpio.

Are you Personally Affected by Election 2019?

In case you are a Premium Member then examine your start chart. Your personal state of affairs with work, money, your home or condominium, your corporation and so on – might be immediately affected by Election 2019, in case you have been born with Taurus and/or Scorpio elements at 21 and 22 levels. When you’ve got Sagittarius elements at 21, 22 levels then this is about your home on the planet, too – questions on travel, or relocation, or immigration, will touch your life.

Do You Have Chart Elements at three Taurus?

Talking extra about your personal delivery chart, when you’ve got private horoscope elements at three Taurus in your Second House of money and property, then the results of the Australian election will have an effect on your hip pocket nerve. We are seeing a sample that has not occurred in 80 years: Venus at three Taurus conjunct Uranus at three Taurus.

Watch the Australian Greenback Bounce Sideways

Watch the Australian greenback bounce sideways or turn upside-down close to 18th Might 2019. This is part of a wider world financial system shift. The truth is, the results of the Australian election will play their half in International Financial Crisis II, which I predicted over a yr ago on this website, set for Might 2019. Keep in mind, this was earlier than the due date of the election was a gleam in Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s eye! You possibly can examine the original prediction right here.

I have talked about cash laundering before as an ongoing drawback in 2019 and the Australian election can be influenced by that very strongly. One of many reasons for this is that Australian banks lock into a much bigger sample. Maintain watching that and asking questions. This is an election concerning the financial system however additionally it is an election concerning the banks.

Watching Michaelia Money

In astrology we take note of symbolism, as you already know in case you are a daily reader. So it’s onerous not to go past the importance of Michaelia Money in Election 2019. I want to speak more about her delivery chart, however though I emailed her workplace for confirmation of her time, place and date of delivery some time in the past, I am still ready for a reply. This, along with the absence of verified start knowledge for Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten, means we’ve to trace the astrology chart for the nation and overlook the people.

What Are We Seeing in Astrology for the Australian Election?

We’ve discovered a hotspot throughout all of the totally different horoscopes for the nation. It is 20, 21, 22 levels of any zodiac signal. It was triggered at The Dismissal and will probably be triggered again on 18th Might 2019. Jupiter at 22 Sagittarius is a logo of hope, enlargement, progress, progress, enchancment, solutions, optimism and solutions. This is classically the type of election ‘climate’ that arrives when individuals are prepared to gamble on a better future and change leaders.



Seeing the Stars on the Australian Flag

What’s within the stars? Astrology has a reasonably good monitor report with Australian politics and my colleagues in the enterprise, Milton Black and Ed Tamplin have used their very own methods through the years, to accurately predict tendencies as well as outcomes.

My curiosity in prediction shouldn’t be a lot the coin-flip aspect of selecting a winner in a two-horse race. I’m most interested by what we, the individuals, have to know – in a political local weather when a lot is covered up. Have a look at this previous story from 24th August 2018 which exhibits date-stamped, validated predictions concerning the plot towards Julie Bishop (and the resulting spill which took Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull out of energy). Canberra can duck and dive, however the astrology tells the truth.

What Astrology Stated in August 2018

It’s time to look again, nine months, to see what was written within the stars for Australia then. This is what you read on this website:

“There shall be shocks galore – and shocks in retailer – for Peter Dutton, Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott – from March 2019 onwards. Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten might be pulled into the electrical storm. So will Julie Bishop. It’s solely just begun. Meanwhile Labour’s Tanya Plibersek has her place in the solar up forward, too. Fortunate Jupiter moves into Sagittarius from November 2018 and that’s her sign, you may say.”

I am going to stand by that prediction! We’re going to see shocks galore between now, 11th April and election day, 18th Might, 2019. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has referred to as the election for the day of a precise line-up between Uranus (revolution, independence, lightning bolts, upheaval, insurrection) and Venus (ladies). It takes place with Venus at 3 Taurus and Uranus also at 3 Taurus, and Australia has not seen that pattern for over 80 years. Watch the ladies.

I mentioned how Taurus Bill Shorten has a ‘Taurus’ identify – Bill. My eyes are drawn to the Liberal social gathering’s Ms. Money for a similar purpose. But, Julie Bishop has not gone away, either. There are some real surprises in store involving the feminine of the species.

That August 2018 Prediction!

This is what you learn nine months in the past: “Julie Bishop is not Australia’s Overseas Minister and she or he is hinting she will not be a participant within the next election. And but, that Australian horoscope hotspot is absolutely clear. Ladies will come front-and-centre in Canberra by 2019. So will Julie be again? To steer? Stranger things have occurred! This was a prediction made approach back on 17th July 2017, so over a yr earlier than the Turnbull-Dutton-Bishop-Morrison coup. Between 2017-2019 Australia might easily see another lady rise to turn into chief of one of many two foremost political events and maybe even the nation, making history a second time. Julie Bishop?”

Nicely, she’s gone from politics, apparently – into the personal sector – however she was additionally born with the Sun in Cancer, and Cancerians are overdue an enormous upheaval on Might 18th 2019.

Election 2019 Issues in Astrology

The excellent elements on 18th Might 2019 are as follows (utilizing the asteroids of recent astrology):

Mercury 23 Taurus trine Pluto 23 Capricorn
Jupiter 22 Sagittarius quincunx Ops 22 Cancer
Jupiter 22 Sagittarius opposite Panacea 22 Gemini
Venus three Taurus conjunct Uranus three Taurus
Mercury 24 Taurus conjunct Minerva 24 Taurus
Mercury 24 Taurus conjunct Aesculapia 24 Taurus
FULL MOON Solar 27 Taurus opposite Moon 27 Scorpio

This election is concerning the financial system. Taurus completely dominates the day and the sign of the bull, guidelines gold bullion and in addition bull sharemarkets. What we are also seeing here is the large influence of Australian’s international position in G.F.C.2. Allow us to not overlook the other financial system although – that’s the financial system of the Greens and different events and people who worth the surroundings, animal welfare and the planet greater than they value income. For these voters it’s about koalas, not coal.

Photograph David Clode.

International Monetary Crisis 2 and Australia in Might 2019

By the point we attain 18th Might 2019, the nation will probably be dealing with the new reality of International Financial Disaster 2, which arrives as Uranus crosses 0, 1, 2, three Taurus and triggers the bank card business, the banks, money laundering enquiries, Blockchain know-how, cryptocurrency, Brexit, Italy and the European Union, China and America – and the remaining! Along with some other astrologers, like my colleague Joanne Madeline Moore, I’ve been predicting this for over a yr.

It’s typical of Uranus to supply shocks and as I write this on April 11th 2019, no one is speaking about G.F.C. 2 and everyone is chattering about electric automobiles. Await it. We’re getting ready to seeing the recognized banking world flip upside-down in Might.

What the 1967 Australian Chart Says in Astrology

The nation was reborn as a mature democracy, including its unique house owners (shamefully excluded prior to now from the vote) on a really big day: 27th Might, 1967. Within the absence of a time, we use 11.59pm in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, the country’s capital metropolis. What we find is that this line-up at  21, 22 levels, under:

Mercury 22 Gemini. Rupert Murdoch
Neptune 22 Scorpio Finances
Panacea at 21 Leo Monarchy
Vesta at 21 Scorpio Price range

The patterns which swirl round this ‘character’ statement about trendy Australia on 18th Might 2019 are as follows:

Mercury 23 Taurus trine Pluto 23 Capricorn
Jupiter 22 Sagittarius quincunx Ops 22 Cancer
Jupiter 22 Sagittarius reverse Panacea 22 Gemini

What Australia Votes For – or Towards – in Election 2019

Rupert Murdoch! His newspapers, television stations and media empire are shown by Mercury at 22 Gemini within the 1967 chart. Keep in mind, he is the ‘Australian’ who has dominated the media in the UK and the USA because the 1960’s. There’s an opposition right here from Jupiter in Sagittarius, which describes the Worldwide Net. Seems to be prefer it’s social media versus mainstream media here. Who wins? Social media. Don’t be stunned if there are extra headlines concerning the Murdochs ahead.



How the Monarchy Influences the Election

The Republic versus Monarchy is written into the 1960’s horoscope for Australia. The nation was ‘born’ in the Sixties with Panacea, a logo of solutions, and in addition moral and moral dilemmas, in Leo, the sign ruling the King and Queen. Leo has all the time been associated with the heirs to the throne. They could stay on the other aspect of the world, but the Royal Family will even play an element in this election. That is partly as a result of Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, expect a baby, in fact. Yet – there are some older points here a few republic, coming to the surface again. Her Majesty the Queen, pictured right here within the late Sixties, is written into the Australian chart by means of that Panacea in Leo sample. She performs an element in 2019 too.

It’s about broadband too. And the ABC. Gemini rules the media, thus the give attention to Rupert Murdoch and his empire, and its choice to again Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Yet Gemini additionally rules the internet, so – Australia’s internet may also be an election problem, perhaps together with wider questions about media ownership, web regulation and the remaining. The state of affairs of the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) can also be described by that Gemini sample. That challenge will develop.

It’s Concerning the Financial system

Most of all, this election is concerning the financial system, individuals’s wages, their superannuation, property prices and the broader picture of what is clearly International Monetary Crisis 2 (by then – keep in mind I am scripting this a few month earlier than the Might 18th ballot).

The Australian 2019 election can also be about values, as we’ve seen – and this consists of the values of the environmental and conservation movement, addressing climate change. From the destiny of Australia’s koalas to the true worth of coal, we are going to see an enormous nationwide concern with the price to the planet, of ventures like Adani. That is the chart for the Australian Inventory Change (under) and it clearly exhibits a nationwide preoccupation with the nation’s values – in an overheating world.



Promoting the Property and Cash Dream in Might 2018

Australia came into being, in her trendy type, with Neptune at 22 Scorpio in the Eighth House of commerce, taxation and banks. That’s a bubble. It is a vacation from actuality. The country is on fixed vacation, in a special economic area to the remainder of the world!  She tends to get away with it and escaped the primary International Financial Disaster very neatly.

When the nation votes on 18th Might 2019, Jupiter (abundance, alternative) in Sagittarius (overseas nations) can be at 22 Sagittarius, only one degree away from making a precise semi-sextile to that Neptune at 22 Scorpio. That can only occur once every 12 years and it describes a nation of dreamers on 18th Might, 2019.

Yet once more, Australia will probably be resistant to – and even benefit from – turmoil within the European Union, america and China. Sagittarius rules overseas individuals and locations and with Jupiter there, our luck is in.

There is a good trine from Ops at 22 Most cancers on election day (Most cancers guidelines property and family) to Neptune at 22 Scorpio (Scorpio rules the banks). Ops is hidden within the phrase ‘optimism’ and is Jupiter’s mom. The profitable celebration will probably be selling monetary hope to families with expensive mortgages or dreaming of a first house.

P.S. Why Did Prime Minister Morrison Delay Election 2019?

I will depart you with an fascinating question. Why did Prime Minister Scott Morrison delay calling the election, after which choose the day of a Full Moon? It is going to be a divisive and troublesome vote for Australia, because a Full Moon is all the time D-Day and because the Sun in Taurus (values, revenue) opposes the Moon in Scorpio (banks, mortgages) the whole nation might be cut up. Then, there’s the wider query of values – the worth tag on the planet, for instance.

It’s an odd factor to do. And the delay is even stranger. As I stated firstly of this function, we don’t have a confirmed start time for either the Prime Minister or the Leader of the Opposition – but if at the very least the dates are right, then Scott Morrison got here into the world with Jupiter in Leo, precisely halfway between that Full Moon on Election Day. That’s either a bit of synchronicity typical of horoscopes – or he’s been advised to try this by an astrologer! I am not positive why, as it varieties a T-Square, which all the time spells pressure. Yet, there it is. Australia votes on a Full Moon, and she or he will probably be voting on her financial system.

Are you in Melbourne on Saturday April 14th? Come along to a day of predictions – about this election – using Tarot and astrology methods at the Victorian Astrological Association. You’ll find out more on my Occasions listings on this web site.