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How Nostradamus Predicts the Mueller Report | Jessica Adams

How Nostradamus Predicts the Mueller Report | Jessica Adams

Nostradamus Reads the Mueller Report

President Donald Trump thinks it’s ‘Recreation Over’ now that The Mueller Report has been republished – this time with paragraphs of secrets which were blacked out.

He sent this message on Twitter where it reached my timeline and certain yours, when you comply with him. The picture has gone viral right around the worldwide net. The words?


He’s referencing Recreation of Thrones right here, which is fascinating, provided that the heirs to his throne – his daughter Ivanka, his sons Barron, Eric and Donald Junior – his son-in-law Jared Kushner – have performed such an enormous part on the White House.

So is he proper? Nostradamus would disagree. Recreation not over. Removed from it.

And – earlier than you assume an astrologer and psychic who has been gone for over 5 centuries might have nothing to say about Mueller – check out his monitor report. And maintain a very open mind.

In any case, we are talking concerning the one and only Nostradamus here.  The astrologer and clairvoyant who noticed the Notre Dame hearth over 500 years earlier than it happened. As common readers will know, my story about this has gone round newspapers from London to Moscow – this image is from the function in The Every day Categorical.



Over to You – Readers, Astrologers and Natural Psychics

Within the interests of freedom of speech, democracy and all those other quaint things we nonetheless cherish  – I’m going to ask you to assist me out with a Nostradamus prediction that I consider holds one of many huge keys to The Mueller Report and what is being referred to as Trump Russia. There are already calls on Twitter to ‘Impeach Trump’. So – are individuals proper to ask that?

It was John Lennon who sang Gimme Me Some Fact and we all deserve that in an age of Pretend Information. Astrology has survived and thrived for over 2000 years because it’s a timeless method of getting to the guts of the matter. So let’s go.

In this Nostradamus quatrain, for four-line verse prediction – he makes use of the precise phrase hom.

You may be studying this in Los Angeles or Lisbon, but H.O.M. is everywhere in the Mueller report. Each time it appears, there’s a blacked-out paragraph of secret info. This appeared on my Twitter timeline and maybe yours, from Wikileaks @Wikileaks. Harm to Ongoing Matter or ‘hom’ is now an internet meme.


It’s All About HOM! How Nostradamus Wrote It Down 500+ Years Ago

The time period ‘hom’ or Hurt to Ongoing Matter was interpreted as ‘man’ or perhaps ‘homme’ by Nostradamus authors – but what if it was literal? Mashable has a terrific story on HOM and the way it’s gone viral.

Mashable: “Robert Mueller’s extremely anticipated report is finally public, nevertheless it’s affected by redactions from Lawyer Common William Barr which are unexpectedly labeled, “Harm to Ongoing Matter. Individuals anticipated there might be some heavy redactions, but after the prolonged report was revealed, it turned obvious that dozens of strains, and even whole pages, have been blacked out with the words “Harm to Ongoing Matter” or HOM for brief.”

Right here is the unique Nostradamus prediction, under. There are lots of variations of this quatrain, each on websites and in addition in Nostradamus books. I strongly advocate you distinction and examine them if you wish to participate in this Mueller Report Nostradamus experiment, as the translations can differ. The Searchable Mueller Report is here for all of you who need to dig deeper and lookup particular phrases…like hom!

You’re in search of Centuries 8, Quatrain 44 right here,  hom appears on the finish of the third line. 

Your Flip to Interpret and Predict – What Next for Trump Russia?

Before we start, with this crowdsourced information experiment a few 500+ yr previous prediction, let’s take a look at the best way Nostradamus labored, around 500 years in the past.

Although he penned his four-line ‘quatrains’ within the previous French language, he was clairvoyant. He gazed into water, using a way referred to as scrying. He was a clairvoyant – French for ‘clear imaginative and prescient.’ He might have seen visions together with his eyes shut.

He did not all the time hear French words. He typically glimpsed trendy English ones, either within the water, or in his mind’s eye. Thus his most well-known prediction, about Hitler and Germany. He gets Hitler flawed by two letters – Hister.

This translation is kind of what you will learn in any Nostradamus ebook and it is from The Unbiased newspaper in Britain. This, along together with his well-known Nice Hearth of London prediction for 1666, is now part of history. That was dated.

Hister as Hitler – and Germany within the Second World Warfare

The higher a part of the battlefield might be towards Hister. 

Right into a cage of iron will the good one be drawn, 

When the kid of Germany observes nothing.

Taking the Nostradamus Mueller Report Prediction Apart

Le procree naturel dogmion
Pure procreation and non secular dogma – what do you assume Nostradamus is speaking about right here?
De sept a neuf du chemin deitorner
The seventh/ninth (seventh of September) and a path detour – this may be the date of an essential Mueller session. Until you disagree with my interpretation and assume it’s seventh September of a unique yr – or even learn backwards – 9th July!
A roy de longue & amy aumi hoin
I consider this ‘roy’ is Roy Cohn, Trump’s former lawyer – and the ‘amy’ is Amy Klobuchar, Democrat candidate for President. The phrase ‘longue’ means ultimately (this Mueller saga is definitely taking a while) and ‘aumi’ means girlfriend. Hoin is open to interpretation – by you.

That is simply the part in the Nostradamus prediction concerning the Mueller Report which can cause probably the most discussion here – you could completely disagree with me about either of those two named figures. You also have to keep in mind that Nostradamus did not essentially join two nouns, or names, in the identical sentence so don’t learn anything into this pair of faces appearing in the same line.

Doit a Nauarre fort de PAV prosterner
Shifting further into the quatrain, we’ve got something really fascinating. This is undeniably ‘doit’ or a very small sum of money in Northern Spain, which was generally known as Nauarre – and right here we have now a robust building (or the ‘fort’ in Paul Manafort?)

What’s fascinating about PAV is that it stands for Everlasting Absentee Voting. This is sensible given Amy Klobuchar’s well-known concern with voting procedure in America.  We finish with ‘prosterner’ which suggests to bow down or prostrate. This can be a mystery so that you can remedy. Is that this about Amy (Amy for America) and is it about the best way the nation voted in 2016?


Spain, Bitcoin, Jerome Corsi, Roy Cohn and Amy Klobuchar

We start at the end of this quatrain with Bitcoin and Spain. In case you learn The New York Occasions you will keep in mind that one story appeared to stand out in the Trump ‘noise’ of 2018. I will depart it to you to determine what half, if any, this performs.

Here we even have a selected date for you to check – which chimes precisely with the looks of Jerome Corsi, former Washington bureau chief of Infowars, subpoenaed on September seventh 2018 before a Mueller Grand Jury. Keep in mind that date of ‘sept, neuf’ or ‘seven, nine’. Dates are essential to Nostradamus.

Nostradamus was also an astrologer who noted eclipses just as we do in the present day. This September 7th hearing passed off days after The Nice American Eclipse of August 11th 2018.

And what about Roy? Was Nostradamus peering into the water and seeing unusual phrases floating up from the internet of the longer term? This may increasingly indeed be Roy Cohn. He turns up on Page 322 of The Mueller Report, and I quote:

“In a meeting in the White House residence that Porter attended on January 27, 2018, Porter recalled that the President talked concerning the great attorneys he had had prior to now with successful win data, similar to Roy Cohn…” 

Backup Paper Ballots and Submit-Election Audits

Amy Klobuchar has an fascinating to play on this story too, if certainly she is the ‘amy’ Nostradamus doubtless saw in visions of the longer term web – particularly, Twitter.  Amy is a well-liked Twitter consumer and in addition a Democrat U.S. presidential candidate and lively Minnesota Senator. She is necessary to the Nostradamus prediction, due to this Twitter message despatched on Thursday 18th April, 2019.

“First web page of Mueller report says the Russian government interfered in 2016 presidential election in “sweeping and systematic trend”. So despite the countless doubts forged by the President, this occurred. Case made for my invoice for backup paper ballots and post-election audits.” 

These italics are mine. However right here we now have a quatrain that references an ‘Amy’ and specifically, PAV in capitals. That just may be Permanent Absentee Vote status in america. That’s the precise abbreviation. P.A.V. and it is vital that Nostradamus wrote it in capital letters.

I’ve lined up Nostradamus’s date – 7th September – with the intriguing coincidence of a Mueller session with the well-known, bestselling New York Occasions writer, Jerome R. Corsi PhD on that actual date. You might disagree. As this experiment with time is open to astrologers, astrology fans, Nostradamus-watchers and psychics – perhaps we’re speaking a few utterly totally different which means for ‘seven, 9’ because it was written down, centuries ago.


Over to You! Is Paul Manafort  ‘fort’ within the Nostradamus Prediction?

Are we seeing ‘fort’ as Paul Manafort within the Nostradamus prediction? Perhaps there is a play on words happening here that we’re missing. It might additionally actually be fort, some sort of constructing. A Trump tower, perhaps? Another stronghold?

Fort – Fortified Building/Robust/Grand/Arduous (Cambridge Dictionary).

What to Keep in mind When Reading Nostradamus

Dates are essential and so are CAPITAL LETTERS which jumped out at Nostradamus from the longer term, as he was scrying (gazing into water for visions) but in addition, probably, channelling the centuries to return, together with his eyes shut.

We additionally have to keep in mind that in widespread with skilled mediums immediately, Nostradamus possible obtained his info briefly bursts, so he jumps around a bit of. There’s absolutely no evidence to attach Roy with Amy. The juxtaposition may be there on paper, however his precise visions might have been quite separate. He wrote what he wrote. It’s a poem.

In case you are an astrologer you will be able to put this jigsaw together using some obvious clues – ‘path detour’ might be a retrograde planet, which Nostradamus would have recognized about – so if seventh September is seventh September 2018, when Jerome Corsi appears earlier than Mueller – do take a look at the transits then and share what you possibly can see. Maybe the detoured path of seven.9 or 9.7 is something else solely.

We reside in an age of so much info – too much info – and MSNBC (under) is part of the noise, together with Donald Trump’s own signal, on Twitter.

What if Nostradamus might help us reduce by way of that noise? I consider he has simply achieved that with the horrible hearth at Notre Dame.

Nostradamus was a deeply religious man who seems to have needed to provide warnings to us in the future – when applicable – and actual info – when helpful. For that cause, assuming he was as right about this new Mueller Report, as he was about so many other issues – he might have timed his Quatrain in order that the longer term will unfold simply because it should. Hold asking questions. Report back!


Line by Line – the Nostradamus Mueller Report Prophecy

All French-English translations are from The Cambridge Dictionary online.



Spiritual dogma






Amy Klobachar, Democrat candidate for president of america.


Hurt to Ongoing Matter

A small sum of money – cash – or maybe, ‘bit’ coin so Bitcoin.

Northern Spain, because it was recognized within the time of Nostradamus

Permanent Absentee Voting or P.A.V. In america, some states allow voters to hitch a permanent absentee voting record. Once a voter opts in, s/he will obtain an absentee ballot mechanically for all future elections. A full rationalization is here.

To bow down; to prostrate.