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LUNAR NEW YEAR GUIDE 2019 – Year of the Pig | Jessica Adams

LUNAR NEW YEAR GUIDE 2019 – Year of the Pig | Jessica Adams

Yr of the Pig begins on 4th February 2019 at 9.03pm in London (modify on your time zone) because the New Moon turns into actual and the Lunar New Yr begins. Lunar New Yr, celebrated throughout Asia, is all the time held on the second New Moon after the winter solstice. What’s Yr of the Pig/Boar all about? It’s a yr when schooling guidelines. Right here’s how you need to use it.

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Yr of the Pig – Yr of Schooling


On fifth January 2019, China Publish issued particular stamps titled Ji-Hai Yr displaying two grownup pig mother and father and their three piglets, symbolising the thought of a blessed household. The Chinese language character for household includes each roof and pig. This concept concerning the older and youthful generations being linked in Yr of the Pig might be prolonged to incorporate the thought of schooling, studying, life expertise, coaching, information, knowledge, educating and learning. Simply as older pigs train youthful pigs, in 2019 individuals of all ages can study from one another. This can be a overseas language. It might be a specific perception system, like Buddhism. It might be a brand new capacity which may also help a future profitable profession.


Well-known Pigs
Well-known pigs have one thing to show the world. Hillary Rodham Clinton took on American overseas coverage. Chiang Kai-shek turned President of the Republic of China. Sir Elton John educated the world about AIDS and HIV by means of his charity work. If pigs don’t grow to be mother and father, they tackle a parenting position by passing on their knowledge to a youthful era. It’s fascinating to see so many international thinkers on the listing. Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan. Lee Kuan Yew, Prime Minister of Singapore. Henry Kissinger, American Secretary of State.

Pigs in Buddhism
A intelligent pig is related to the beginning of Buddhism. An previous story says 4 brothers have been about to kill a pig when it acquired the facility of speech and referred to as for assist. Neighbours rushed to assist, assuming the brothers have been preventing. From that time ahead, all 4 males gave up pork and transformed to Buddhism. In all probability the best-known pig in Chinese language tradition is Pigsy from Journey to the West by Wu Cheng’en (it turned a basic tv collection referred to as Monkey). Pigsy has a pig’s head and man’s physique and as a human had been a marshal of troops guarding the river to heaven. There’s extra to pigs than meets the attention.

What’s Lunar New Yr?

Lunar New Yr all the time begins in January or February on the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice, between January 21st and February 20th.  It includes billions of individuals in celebration around the globe, from Chinatown in Sydney to the streets of Hong Kong. The Western calendar is predicated on the Solar. The Japanese calendar is predicated on the Moon. She is called Luna in different languages, thus the ‘lunar’ calendar. The Moon’s actions are intently tied to the seasons, farming, sowing and reaping. That’s the reason so many astrologers (together with me) really feel that the ‘pure’ New Yr doesn’t begin on January 1st, regardless of how a lot champagne we drink. The pure starting of the yr is Lunar New Yr.

Lunar New Yr is About Clearing the Soil, Planting and Rising
The thought of clearing the soil, planting (intentions, objectives) and rising (to success) is on the coronary heart of Life Sweeping. The traditional Chinese language used their calendar for agriculture and their empire rested on the calendar, drawn up by the emperor’s astronomer/astrologers. In 2254 B.C. Emperor Yao commanded his astrologers to determine a calendar of adjusting seasons for farmers. So, from the Shang Dynasty onwards we all know a lunar calendar displaying the cycles of the moon, between 29 and 30 days lengthy, turned a part of Chinese language life. Each month started on a brand new moon. The Chinese language New Yr or Spring Pageant, an important in China, is the place the animal zodiac comes from. It’s extra difficult than that – there are additionally Ten Celestial Stems, 5 Materials Brokers (wooden, hearth, earth, metallic and water) and Twelve Hourly branches! But – protecting it simply to 12 Asian zodiac indicators, we discover uncanny similarities between Japanese, Western and Indian astrology. The traditional Chinese language took astrology so significantly that emperors constructed observatories so they might predict eclipses. The agricultural almanac Tong Shu or T’ung Shu is over 4000 years previous and nonetheless consulted by Chinese language for the most effective astrological dates for weddings or enterprise agreements.

How you can Get the Most from Lunar New Yr 2019 – Yr of the Pig
Asian custom states that the earlier yr’s money owed be paid, the house cleaned, and new garments bought earlier than New Yr begins. That is earlier than February 4th/fifth relying in your time zone, because the New Moon turns into actual in London on February 4th at 9.03pm. Additionally it is time to reconnect with relations, and dinners are all the time held on the night time of the New Moon. The complete pageant can prolong to 15 days in China and the giving of hong bao, pink packets of ‘fortunate cash’ is a part of the ritual. Dragon and lion dancers within the streets make a noise to push back legendary monsters. Take part by ensuring you ‘sweep clear’ earlier than all of it begins. In case you are interested by how to do that, please see Life Sweeping, right here,


How Previous is Asian Astrology?

We will date it to Emperor Huang Ti of China who launched the lunar calendar in 2637 B.C. The twelve years acquired their animal indicators based on a legend about Lord Buddha who summoned all of the animals to farewell him from earth. Solely 12 confirmed up and in gratitude he named 12 years for all 12 creatures. The got here first and final was the boar or pig. Asian astrology stretches proper across the area, which is why it’s extra right to discuss Asian indicators and Asian New Yr – moderately than strictly Chinese language. Mongolians have 12 animals too which begins with the tiger and ends with the ox. The Japanese have a barely totally different tackle the zodiac animals, once more.

Rice and Beans
It’s in style in China to provide youngsters nicknames that relate to their delivery yr zodiac signal. What’s extra uncommon is using the characters for rice and beans – which ox, rabbits, horses, sheep, monkeys, canine and pigs eat – within the identify of an Ox, Rabbit, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Canine or Pig individual. Tiger individuals in China might have the characters for meat of their names. The Chinese language additionally make desserts within the form of the 12 animal indicators. Regardless of Communism the previous traditions are nonetheless remembered. When your yr comes round (your animal zodiac yr, each 12 years) it’s thought that any 12-year-old youngster ought to put on purple underwear, in Northern China, to guard herself or himself, as it’s a ‘destiny yr.’

All About Your Asian Zodiac Signal
You’ll be able to learn all about your Asian zodiac signal on this web site. The mixture of your Asian signal, Western zodiac signal – and in addition your Indian or Vedic Guru signal – offers you an unimaginable perception into your character, karma and future. The truth is, whenever you learn all three collectively, you’ll find yourself with only one full profile from a potential 1728 astrological signal mixtures. Figuring out all three explains the variations between you and, say, one other Aries, Taurus, Gemini and so forth. It’s the identical in case you are Asian and solely know your self as a Tiger, Monkey, Rabbit and so forth – you want to additionally know your Western zodiac signal and Indian/Vedic chart to see who you actually are. (A Guru signal is also called a Brihaspati or Jupiter signal and exhibits your blessings).

East Meets West
The East and West usually are not so totally different with regards to astrology. In truth, they each as soon as met on The Silk Street. In 2019 as Asia celebrates Yr of the Pig (Boar in Japan) the West will have fun Jupiter in Sagittarius. This can be a image of enlargement, progress, good luck and luck – via research and educating. It’s fascinating to see that the identical message is being broadcast throughout India. In Indian, Vedic or Jyotish astrology, in 2019 we’ll see Brihaspati (Guru) additionally move by way of Sagittarius. Oratory, eloquence, knowledge and luck are related to Brihaspati. This hyperlinks to the thought of educating, public talking, lectures, workshops, podcasts, vodcasts and so forth.

One World Astrology

Later in 2019, Penguin/Michael Joseph will publish my new ebook, The Secret Language of the Stars. That is ‘one world astrology’ which reveals how your Asian, Indian and Western indicators mix to provide you a character and future profile that just one in almost 2000 different individuals might have. Your Asian zodiac signal is an important a part of that. It’s superb to see how the three totally different astrologies mirror one another. Paths of communication, migration and commerce crossed Eurasia from a minimum of 5000 B.C. because the demand for commerce in horses, spices, glassware, silver and gold and silk grew. Totally different perception methods sprung up alongside the Silk Roads – one in every of them was astrology. Or, astrologies, plural. In 2019, Yr of the Pig (information) it’s time to deliver them again collectively. I’ve been engaged on software program with Indian/Vedic astrologer Sonal Sachdeva and Zane Stein from Photo voltaic Hearth to create a brand new, easy approach to mix all three international horoscopes.

Jupiter in Sagittarius the Signal of the Archer
Simply because the pig symbolises mother and father and youngsters – the older educating the youthful era – in astrology, the traditional image of the centaur (Sagittarius) exhibits the pursuit of data. We speak about somebody having ‘many strings to her bow’ or ‘a number of strings to his bow’ – many skills or talents. We additionally speak about stretching ourselves intellectually, because the archer stretches again his bow and arrow. Because the Sagittarius centaur is half-man, half-horse, we additionally affiliate him with journey, and journey broadens the thoughts. In Western astrology, Jupiter additionally has rulership of Sagittarius. So, in 2019, with Jupiter again in his personal signal, you’ll have alternatives to increase your horizons.

Brihaspati or Guru in India
The identify is the primary clue! A guru or mentor – information – is usually equated with Jupiter, the planet which in Western astrology has been referred to as the good instructor and nice benefactor. In 2019 when Guru is in Sagittarius in India, the entire planet (together with your nook of it) is blessed with a brand new movement of data, out and in. The Brexit choice by Nice Britain to go away the European Union is only one real-world cause why everybody on earth, from East to West, might be studying new ideas and in addition exchanging them too. That is typical of astrology. The three nice techniques – Asian, Indian and Western – all inform us that 2019 is a yr for a brand new international info swap. By the best way – the subsequent time you’re within the British Museum in London take a look for Brihaspati, proven as a portly, bearded, priest. Not in contrast to the best way the Romans depicted Jupiter. It’s precisely the identical planet. Photograph of Brihaspati – Jessica Adams 2018

Stonehenge and the Lunar Astrology Connection
Making these connections between East and West is straightforward whenever you go to Stonehenge. The development started round 3150 B.C. and was over by about 1500 B.C. We all know that the quantity 12 is essential in Indian, Western and Asian zodiacs. There are 12 Guru (Jupiter or Brihaspati) indicators in India. In Asia, there are 12 animal years. Within the West, we now have 12 Solar indicators, or fashionable zodiac indicators. Perhaps Egypt performs an element at Stonehenge too. “The thirty upright stones of the Sarsen circle recommend the Egyptian calendar of twelve months of thirty days – totalling 360 days,” writes Stonehenge skilled, Robin Heath. There’s much more fascinating proof that Stonehenge is a big Solar and Moon calendar in his guide, Stonehenge, Temple of Historic Britain (Picket Books, 2009, Glastonbury.) You then should ask why? Why would our ancestors drag all these rocks, all that method? Certainly it wasn’t as a result of they have been astronomers. It’s much more possible they have been astrologers, within the pure sense of the phrase. Matching heaven to earth. Stonehenge 2018 by Jessica Adams

Once you be a part of the dots hundreds of years in the past and see the hyperlinks between Egypt, Stonehenge, India, Asia – all the best way round to Australia, the place Aboriginal Australians have been creating stone circles to additionally mark the actions of the Solar – you’ll be able to see how we actually are all related. From this, in so many nations, got here trendy astrology.

Completely satisfied Yr of the Pig!

The pig is a logo of greed – for information. Gobbling up new info and previous knowledge is what 2019 is all about. The Sino-Vietnamese individuals make the pig a logo of a lot, because the sow and her litter characterize giant households. In Historic Egypt they crafted amulets displaying Nut, “sky-goddess and everlasting mom of the celebs” as a sow suckling her litter. This concept of young and old is actually about studying – if not out of your mom, then from these within the know! Have an exquisite 2019 and benefit from the many mysteriously fated alternatives to study and train that are coming into your life, even now!

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