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The Moon 50th Anniversary Eclipse in Astrology | Jessica Adams

The Moon 50th Anniversary Eclipse in Astrology | Jessica Adams

Astrology Eclipse on Moon 50th Anniversary

On Tuesday 16th July  a partial lunar eclipse falls within the zodiac sign of Capricorn 50 years to the day that the U.S. mission to put individuals on the Moon took off. NASA are celebrating – but do you even have purpose to have fun?

As we’ll see in a moment, this can be a time for caution in astrology not celebration! And I’ll present you why, in response to your Solar Signal, but in addition your personal chart, in case you are a Premium Member.

When the Moon is Overshadowed – Life is Shadowy

In Nice Britain about 60% of the Moon will look like pink or dark gray around 11.30pm on Tuesday July 16th at the peak of the eclipse. What does it imply in your horoscope? We’re seeing an enormous variety of Moon-related books taking up the web in July 2019. How do astrologers see this partial lunar eclipse on the Moon Touchdown 50th anniversary although? We all know animals respond (and even young children know that, under) but in astrology, how does this Moon Landing ‘Moon’ set off your chart? Pro astrologers like myself and my colleagues on the Sun Sign Faculty – Barbara Dunn, Natalie Delahaye, Debbie Frank, Bernard Fitzwalter, Maggie Hyde, Stephanie Johnson, Joanne Madeline Moore, Penny Thornton – all know an eclipse is to be taken critically!



Going Backwards to the Years 2000-2001

For a start, you’ll be sent backwards to the years 2000 and 2001. Even in the event you can’t keep in mind what was happening because the Millennium took maintain, belief that round 19 years ago, you set certain issues in movement – that now come back to you in July.

Astrology is concerning the cycles of time, based mostly on the Moon’s South Node also going backwards, in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. In reality, we will go all the best way back to the 1960’s when the Apollo 11 mission was underneath approach. This can be a actually good example of the ‘again in time’ rule of this Moon Touchdown Lunar Eclipse.

It falls in Capricorn at one finish (ambition to get to the top) and Most cancers at the different (residence). I’m positive you’ll be able to see how the Apollo Moon Mission itself, at the finish of the Sixties, was about being first to fly the homeland flag as part of probably the most formidable plan of the 20th century. You’ll be able to work right round that Cancer-Capricorn theme – the crab who carries his house on his back – the mountain goat who will do anything to make it – within the 1960’s, the early 1980’s and the start of the Millennium – and see a sample.

That pattern may be in your personal life. Perhaps that was if you left house to go to college. It might be in the lives of the individuals around you – companions, buddies, household. In July 2019 these previous loops in time are again. When we’ve got a full moon, so superbly illustrated (under) by Diana Toledano in her e-book with Laura Cowan, it looks like baby’s play. We develop up with the moon in nursery rhymes in order adults we are likely to assume we know it. Truly, on this lunar eclipse on July 16th 2019 we don’t. Why not? As a result of the moon is in shadow. And you may be too. We’ll all be overshadowed by a scarcity of visibility. It’s a time of not understanding/not seeing. It’s actually a shadowy interval.


Capricorn Weather and Your Horoscope in July 2019

This can be a Capricorn Lunar Eclipse which can have an effect on each zodiac sign not simply Capricorn. It signifies that the earth crosses between the Solar and Moon casting a shadow on the lunar floor. Despite the fact that you may feel you might want to do one thing concerning the Capricorn-ruled space of your life (this is profession, when you have personal start elements in Capricorn too) – maintain off.

This is applicable to individuals you recognize as nicely. If they are truly Capricorn, or have horoscope elements in that sign, then they’ve patterns which are about success, achievement, ambition, social climbing, social standing, rank, position, mission and ambition. These are more intense in July 2019 as Pluto and Saturn are additionally in Capricorn. The squeeze is on! But – astrology tells us, as does historical past, that in case you act or decide on an eclipse, you achieve this with out full consciousness or information.

An eclipse conceals it by no means reveals. It leaves you at the hours of darkness so you can’t see and have no idea what’s there/who is there/what is basically present! Eclipses are moderately like driving a automotive with one or each headlights damaged. It’s not in contrast to wanting by way of a windscreen making an attempt to determine which solution to turn on a journey, with (on this case) about 60% of the windscreen blacked out. This specific lunar eclipse on Tuesday July 16th places 60% of the moon’s ordinary mild in shadow. This excellent ebook under, Faces of the Moon, exhibits what you’d normally anticipate to see – a shiny, mild, white ‘full face’ Moon. As an alternative, what we get on the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landings, proper on this eclipse, is blind spots, cover-ups and patchy imaginative and prescient.



Seeing What You Can’t See – Around the World

In Great Britain you possibly can see this eclipse from Moonrise between 9pm and 10pm relying in your location. The remainder of the world, from New York to Melbourne, might be experiencing it at totally different levels, stay on Twitter – ensure you comply with the hashtag #Moon50 to track its progress. In a second I’ll take a look at your Solar Signal or solar signal chart, which exhibits the weather forecast for you in astrology (and everybody else born beneath your signal).

Like a real climate forecast it’s a superb common prediction of core primary tendencies. On a extra private observe, in the event you occur to reside in Africa, Asia, South America and Western Australia then additionally, you will see this eclipse. In astrology tradition states that the areas or nations where an eclipse is visible, recommend the place there is a national blackout, blind spot or cover-up happening.  So in the event you’re in Perth, Western Australia, pay attention to today. Afterward you’ll realise ‘Blind spot!’

How Eclipse Blind Spots and Cover-Ups Present Up Later

It takes a transit, or sample, crossing the same zodiac sign (Capricorn) at the similar diploma as the eclipse (24 degrees) afterward, for us to know that the jigsaw items have been lacking in a really darkish puzzle. It will happen in January 2020.

It’ll truthfully take that long for transits to cross over 24 Capricorn and wake us up to July 2019.

History exhibits this idea of the late wake-up name following eclipses.

The life and occasions of Diana, Princess of Wales, started with two eclipses both aspect of her wedding ceremony to Prince Charles (the cover-up was his love for a married lady, Camilla Parker-Bowles) and continued till she passed, with one other eclipse and an extra cover-up in accordance with all of the laws of astrology. 

I was speaking about this just lately with my colleagues at The Sun Signal Faculty, the superb Debbie Frank and Penny Thornton who both served as Diana’s astrologers. They have both spoken to the media, on their very own websites, and in their very own work about Diana’s life in the half-light of eclipses. You can even discover them named within the index of the now-classic Andrew Morton e-book on the Princess of Wales, written together with her full co-operation. It’s nearly her autobiography. 

These two astrologers are moderately just like the William Lilly or Dr. John Dee of their day (both these astrologers have been also intently entwined with the fate of the royal family in Great Britain). They usually have an unimaginable story to tell.

John F. Kennedy and Eclipses

We also find eclipses enjoying an element within the saga of Lance Armstrong – a sports activities cover-up of epic proportions – and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Make no mistake. Eclipses depart us at the hours of darkness and the cover-up is usually beautiful.

This final level is necessary. I used to be giving a talk (in slightly chaotic circumstances) at The Astrological Lodge of London on Monday 15th July, when yet again their pc failed to point out my movies and pictures.

I turned to paper as an alternative and was in search of a clean piece to write down on, using a big flip-chart.

I discovered an previous scrawl from years ago, by me (I recognised my very own handwriting) displaying…the chart of President John F. Kennedy. He was killed on the yr of a sweeping American eclipse. Why did that flip chart present itself in July 2019 during a talk concerning the 1960’s ‘throwback’ effect of the current eclipses? You’d need to say – that’s typical of horoscope work. It’s odd.

Reagan, Kennedy, Trump and Node Cycles of the Eighties, Sixties…and 2019-2020

They are saying every little thing goes in threes – we find two of the earlier American presidents, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan – each entwined with unusual Moon cycles in their lives and careers. In truth, Reagan turned to an astrologer, Joan Quigley, for advice throughout his term, notably after surviving an assassination attempt. We do not know of Donald Trump’s actual delivery knowledge, as it has been posted twice, with totally different dates, to the authorities. But – even without it – these eclipses within the sign of Cancer (the nation) and Capricorn (leadership) are dark days for him. Because the chief of the nation he’s symbolically twisted up in the cover-ups and blind spots of July 2019 and they’ll culminate in peak disaster in January 2020. Watch.


Eclipses – Damaging or Constructive?

Eclipses will not be unfavourable nor constructive, however they do involve ‘driving’ your life with headlights which aren’t working, or road lights which are partly knocked out. Remember that you are not conscious. This can be for quite innocent reasons. Somebody is planning a surprise birthday celebration for you. You’re pregnant and also you don’t realize it yet.

Not surprisingly, eclipses also tally with crime. Murder, even. Conspiracy and corruption. We just noticed a New York blackout in July 2019. Individuals blamed this on Mercury Retrograde, as they are inclined accountable all the things on Mercury Retrograde, but a blackout is actually the influence of an eclipse – and July began with a total eclipse. What was being coated up in Manhattan, or who was being coated up? As astrologers and astrology readers, we should always all the time ask questions at such occasions.

The New York blackout of July 2019 additionally ran alongside a freak outcome for England towards New Zealand in a cricket event value tens of millions. That freakish end result should have paid handsomely to fortunate gamblers. Or have been they greater than lucky? Prince Andrew served at the remaining. He had only simply been named in reference to Jeffrey Epstein, and his underage intercourse trafficking circle – and of course Epstein had his condominium door kicked down and broken into by the F.B.I. a number of days before.

I typically see astrologers saying ‘we shouldn’t predict the longer term.’ I couldn’t disagree more. We completely should predict the longer term. Astrology is for the individuals, by the individuals. When you can’t belief the information, trust the eclipses.

The Full Moon in Capricorn, Saturn in Capricorn, Pluto in Capricorn, the South Node in Capricorn

You’ll be able to watch this lunar eclipse with the naked eye, however what you’re seeing, astrologically, is what you are not seeing!  We gained’t see another partial lunar eclipse until 19th November 2021.

This eclipse is uncommon as a result of this Full Moon in Capricorn is in the same house of your horoscope (life department) as Pluto, Saturn and the South Node. 

So, most intensely within the last 12 months, for the primary and last time your life, you’re experiencing massive questions about energy and management (Pluto), endurance and stamina (Saturn) and karma going again in 19 yr cycles (South Node) relating to only one concern in your life. For those who go searching you, nearly each different individual you see is drained. There’s a good cause for that. We’re all being pulled, slowly, via an excruciatingly long period of checks and trials, courtesy of Capricorn weather.

In case you are a Premium Member you’ll know that the more Capricorn elements you could have in your Tenth Home of profession, unpaid work and college life – the larger the drag!

Do You Have Capricorn Elements in Your Premium Member Delivery Chart?

For extra in-depth reading on Saturn in Capricorn in your life – the cycle that calls for endurance within the face of unavoidable life classes – take a look at a earlier astrology function right here.

When you’ve got Capricorn elements (even just one) in your private start chart, as a Premium Member you’ll be able to verify that now, on display. Which means the eclipse for the anniversary of the Moon touchdown is a cover-up or blind spot relating to your profession, unpaid work or university degree. This eclipse is falling in your Tenth Home of accomplishment, ambition, position and mission. So – you’ll be able to’t see and don’t know what is going on! Greatest to keep away from judgement calls and action plans at such occasions.

On a world scale, The Capricorn Effect are are set to see in December 2019, January 2020 is triggered by this eclipse. The duvet-ups involving the individuals at the prime (Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and Queens) may have their remaining reply in about six months. You’ll be able to read extra about this history-making, life-changing period here as 12th January 2020 is the date that transforms the planet. From North Korea to america, there isn’t any going again – nevertheless it all begins Tuesday 16th July with an enormous blind spot for all of us. Should you’ve been questioning, as I have, how the mountain goes to return down, who is going to fall, and why – in January 2020 – this will likely inform you.

I not belief the astrological charts of Donald Trump or individuals in his world, like Jeffrey Epstein, for some excellent causes. Epstein was just arrested and Donald’s individuals have given the world not just one, but two utterly totally different delivery dates. But, we hear Epstein is a Solar Capricorn. Through which case – it might be that exact goat who brings towers down, towers being trendy equivalents of the previous Roman mountains of astrology.

How Your Sun Signal is Affected by the Moon Touchdown Eclipse of July 2019

ARIES – Profession, standing, ambition, mission, position, social climbing, social mountaineering, rank, unpaid work, college.

TAURUS – Overseas individuals and locations, overseas tasks and plans, regional and cultural variations, schooling, publishing.

GEMINI – Finance, property, business, charity, worthwhile possessions, taxes, shares, lease, mortgage, legacy, will, insurance coverage.

CANCER – Wife, husband, former companion, girlfriend, boyfriend, professional associate, enemy, opponent, rival, other half.

LEO – Physique, workload, way of life, obligation, service, well being, health, university or school life, house responsibilities, unpaid work, every day tasks.

VIRGO – Pregnancy, babies, youngsters, intercourse, young adults, youngsters, parenthood-potential relationships, Era Z.

LIBRA – House, condo, land, family, family, house town, homeland, ‘My individuals and my place’, patriotism, residence.

SCORPIO – Worldwide net, publishing, multimedia, schooling, communication, emails, publishing, public talking.

SAGITTARIUS – Finance, salary, banking, taxation, enterprise, charity, property, tenants, loans, money owed, investments.

CAPRICORN – Appearance, profile, status, id, identify, picture, brand, public face, social media avatar.

AQUARIUS – Secrets, confidential subjects, categorized info, the occult, psychology, faith, spirituality, soul.

PISCES – Groups, Fb, friendship, associations, clubs, teams, networks, circles, rings, communities.

What To Do/What Not To Do on an Eclipse

History tells us quite a bit about July 2019 and what to do/what not to do.

Firstly, in relation to the life areas listed above…Assume you don’t know and may’t see! It’s not the day to make sweeping judgements, huge assumptions or to throw your self into main action plans and selections. It’s time to assessment and rethink. You’re in Capricorn climate which is taking you again to the years 2000-2001 (about 19 years ago). Now’s the time to attempt to respect how that interval in your life impacts at this time.

Normally, within the areas of your life listed above, you’re experiencing profound delays, exams of your endurance, obstacles (like jumping over hurdles at the Olympics) and an actual schooling. It might really feel as if this cycle has been with you for years. Right. It started in 2008 and intensified with the arrival of Saturn and the South Node both in Capricorn – felt tremendously in 2018.

This cycle eases up massively when Jupiter the planet of options enters Capricorn in December 2019. It is principally over from December 2020 when Saturn leaves Capricorn! So, you’re in this for the lengthy haul, however you also have mild at the end of the tunnel. In reality, from the attitude of 2021, you’ll look again at 2018, 2019 and 2020 and shake your head. You will realise just how peculiar life was, when it comes to its uncommon challenges and large ‘asks’ – and how properly you coped. You’re additionally going to really feel large aid and release as slowly but certainly, Saturn, the South Node and eventually Pluto all progressively give up Capricorn. That zone of your chart will grow to be like new. You’ll have made it by way of – and discovered so much.

Are you a Premium Member? In case you are curious concerning the karmic points of what you are going via with this Capricorn weather, because of the South Node in Capricorn, you’ll be able to learn extra about that right here: